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Tales from the North Side


For the last ten years, I have lived in the North Oakland area of California known as the Golden Gate District. Stand on my roof and you can see San Francisco ... and the fog ... creeping ever so slowly towards you.

While I call this home base, I do hit the road from time to time. And in doing so, I always find myself pondering the lives of others. What's their day like? What is it like to be them? Are they happy? What to they care about? I especially feel this way when I cannot understand the language.

So, the stories and interviews shared here may not always take place on the North Side, but their wonderings do. Currently, I am working on an oral history project involving the stories and reflections of women over the age of 80.


Do you know a woman over the age of 80 that wouldn't mind chatting with me about their life story? If so, contact me at or on the "More in the Heaphones?" page.

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